Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Biodiversity in Words ...

Please take time to read this very important text. They are very important words written by the Slow Food Foundation- let the words seep in and try to make a difference everyday to make this world a better place!

Biodiversity is not an abstract concept.
It is life itself: populations, nature and our planet.
Biodiversity is made up of people, wild and cultivated plants, domesticated and wild animals.
Biodiversity is made up of natural climates and environments, languages and cultures and food.
Its custodians are herders, farmers, fishermen, and artisans, yet they are threatened by the rules of global market, the food industry and standardized agriculture.
300,000 plant varieties have become extinct in the last century and one more is lost every six hours.
33% of native cattle, sheep and pig breeds have disappeared or are close to disappearing.
75% of the planet’s fisheries are at risk of elimination.
The deluge of homogenization affects vegetable, fruit and animal breeds, as well as cheese, cured meats, bread and cakes and biscuits.
This is the folly of a hyperactive agricultural system.
Rather than feeding the planet, it has polluted it, eliminating the cultural identities of entire populations and dramatically reducing diversity.
It is for these reasons that Slow Food fights for sustainable agriculture and a quality food that is good, clean, and fair.
This is why the Slow Food Foundation for biodiversity was founded.
Thanks to the Ark of Taste project, the Slow Food foundation has catalogued 700 quality products from all over the world that are at risk of extinction.
The Slow Food Foundation for biodiversity is working to create a farmer’s market and a worldwide network.
Promoting farmer’s markets means promoting short production lives that reduce the number of intermediaries between those who produce and those who consume.
With more than 300 presidia in 42 countries, Slow Food Foundation involves approximately 10,000 small scale producers all over the world.
The presidia give farmer’s, herders, fishermen, and artisans cultural recognition.
They protect unique regions and ecosystems throughout the world.
The presidia safeguard native breeds, local plant varieties and traditional processing methods.
They promote sustainable agricultural techniques that respect the environment and animal well being.
Help us save the world’s best
Support the Slow Food Foundation for biodiversity

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