Thursday, October 22, 2009

Terra Madre Day: Dec. 10 2009

Terra madre

Slow Food will be introducing a worldwide Terra Madre Day, with the first edition to be held on December 10, 2009 – Slow Food International’s twentieth anniversary. This day will be celebrated by the Slow Food network, across the 150 countries in which it is active, to celebrate ‘eating local’ and the crucial work being done by the Terra Madre food communities – a network of farmers, artisan producers, cooks, academics and youth for sustainable food production launched by Slow Food in 2004.
‘Terra Madre Day is a way to celebrate our connection to the earth’, said Slow Food International President Carlo Petrini. ‘It doesn’t matter how we celebrate it – you can celebrate it at home, or organize a community or school event, the important thing is that we celebrate eating local.’

Petrini identified some of the key considerations at the base of the Slow Food philosophy to be celebrated and promoted through Terra Madre Day:

- Food is a right for everyone;
- Small-scale farming is the future;
- Food sovereignty is key to communities;
- Biodiversity is essential to a healthy food future;
- We have the right to preserve our cultural and local identities;
- Agriculture is closely linked to the environment;
- Food production and trade must be socially just.

We will be organizing in Lebanon a special event, so keep posted!

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